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Harmonica Song Book

Harmonica Song Book

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The Jeremy and Jazzy Harmonica Song Book is a fun and easy way to learn to play the harmonica, featuring easy, step-by-step instructions and 12 Jeremy and Jazzy songs. Within minutes, your child will understand how the harmonica works, what a major scale is, and how to play some of their favourite Jeremy and Jazzy songs.

If you already have a harmonica, this book is a great guide. If not, you can order this book in a bundle with a Suzuki Airwave harmonica, which is a great starter instrument for young children.

Songs in the book include:
- The Jeremy and Jazzy Theme
- Say Hello
- Ananas
- Good Morning
- Raindrops
- Clean-Up Song
- Turtle and Guy
- Let's Write a Song
- Friend Ships
- Paper Heart
- You Can Be Anything
- Bizzy Bee

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